About Us

Company Overview

The Saskatchewan Fruit Growers, otherwise known as SFG, is a non-profit group for volunteers. Members who are interested to know how to enhance the fruit industry in the Saskatchewan area are welcomed to participate in it. This grower-directed organization dedicates their time on assisting the production and the marketing of high-quality products from growers. The goal of the organization is to market and produce enough fruits for the market.

How It Started

SFG is famous around Canada. Although this organization started out small with just two members producing fruits to the market, it eventually grew and accepted more members. With just one backyard and one grower, it’s impossible to think that it would eventually become a huge organization that gathers fruit enthusiasts around the area. Now, people can meet every time activities are announced.

SFG became possible because of their products and services. This includes research on how to improve their production, market orientation, industry representation, prairie-wide cooperation, and advertising their premium products throughout the region. Today, SFG organizes events such as conferences for interested farmers. During these encounters, farmers can learn methods and share ideas to develop their production rate.

Company Products

The SFG aims to gather and market fruits that are common around the Canadian borders. The company sells fruits such as Apples, Cherries, Currants, Saskatoon berries, Strawberries, and Raspberries, and more. Sometimes, SFG also offers uncommon products like Sea Buckthorns and Lingonberries. These products are of premium quality since SFG follows a strict process in collecting their produce.

The organization makes sure that the fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in the area are maintained well. Each time harvest season come, every fruit is handpicked cautiously, cleaned thoroughly, and sorted out carefully. Fruits of the highest grade are immediately stored or frozen to preserve its nutrients.